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Early Harvest - Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Early Harvest - Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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PLEASE NOTE: During cold winter months, wax sediments may appear due to the separation of natural wax from the oil. This is completely normal and does not in any way affect the quality or taste of the olive oil.

Acidity 0.28% | Polyphenols 468 | Fall 2021 Harvest | 500mL

Our Early Harvest extra virgin olive oil is a prized agoureleo from the Kotsovolos Family Estate in Christianoupolis, Greece. It is organically grown and processed from native Koroneiki olives. Save when you bundle! Check out our Greek EVOO Bundle.

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Our Early Harvest extra virgin olive oil is a prized agoureleo from the Kotsovolos Family Estate in Christianoupolis, Greece. It is organically grown and processed from native Koroneiki olives.

An exquisite cold extracted and unfiltered oil with a perfectly balanced complexity— rich green, fruity and pungent with a peppery finish. Our oil features high levels of polyphenols and extremely low acidity.

Here are the Quick Facts:

  • Single Estate
  • Hand-Picked
  • Cold-Pressed
  • Large 500 ML bottle

Everything you need to know about olive oil. What are the different types of olive oil? What's the best EVOO to buy? Is it good for you? Can you cook with it? How do you store it? This easy guide will answer all your questions and more!

We enjoy Early Harvest in all our salads, and recipes like this simple Mediterranean olive oil pasta; and as a finishing oil to enhance soups, fish, and poultry dishes.


Our Early Harvest extra virgin olive oil is produced by the Kotsovolos family in the beautiful mountain village of Christianoupolis in Messenia, Greece. Like their cousins, the Hinaris family who produce our Private Reserve oil, the Kotsovoloses have been at this for more than 100 years!

Koroneiki olives are handpicked early in the season while still green to produce the prized ‘early harvest’ oil, known in Greece as ‘agoureleo.’ Once harvested, the olives are crushed within hours to preserve the quality, taste and aroma of the olives.

Flavor Profile

Our Early Harvest oil has the aroma of green figs and fresh green herbs with hints of wild asparagus and flat leaf parsley and thyme. The taste is light, fresh and herbal with a slight chicory bitterness and mild peppery heat, following by a short nutty finish.

And because it is a true agoureleo, this oil is rich green in color, and robust and pungent due to the high level of antioxidants. You may feel a slight burning sensation on your tongue and in your throat – this pungency is often described as a ‘peppery’ finish.

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Why buy from us?

High Polyphenols

All our olive oils contain higher polyphenols than the average store-bought olive oil. This means our olive oil is loaded with antioxidants and powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Early Harvest

Our olive oils are produced by olives that are harvested early before they ripen, ensuring they have bolder flavors and higher levels of polyphenols.


Our producers partner with small family estates from a single region, producing a far superior olive oil than average.

Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews

I love these EVOOs. I really trust and can feel the quality in it. I honestly can’t taste the difference yet between this one and the other I purchased, but I think I will as my palate for EVOO gets more refined.

Lori Quick

It is an awesome olive oil. I have never had one that taste so good when buying from the store. It is so worth it!

Rachael Griffin

Great quality oil.

Moriah Logan

This is the most flavorful oil I’ve ever eaten. I put it on all my vegetables before roasting and they always come out delicious.

Diann Crompton
Best Olive Oil!

Thank you Suzi for introducing me to new spices and the best Olive Oil ever! In this day and age of questionable customer service, your team delivers! Thumbs up.