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Nocellara - Italian EVOO
I have been getting the italian and greek olive oil bundle for 10 months on subscription. They were out of stock last month and I went to a very nice local olive oil shop in town and bought a bottle each. The difference was as astounding!! I mean, good olive oil is still good - but no where NEAR the delicate and delicious taste of the EVOOs from The Mediterranean Dish!! I’m so happy to have received my order this month!!!
Exotic 4-Pack
Great quality spice pack- absolutely love all of them. Thought about getting this for a while because I couldn’t find some of these in the store, so glad I got them! I have had them for a week and use them daily!
Urfa Biber
Delish!!! This purple pepper is fantastic, not hot just smokey n delicious! I love it on, let me see, everything!!! I keep the jar in my spice cabinet close to the stove.
Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bundle
This olive oil is out of this world in flavor! I used to buy the typical olive oil at the grocery store. I was never really impressed by the taste but I knew it was supposed to be a healthy option so I used it. Once I tried the Mediterranean Dish oil I knew there was no turning back!!! It's 10/10.
Za'atar Spice Blend
I just love this spice!!! I use on my salads, roasted veggies, chicken. The spice blend adds great depth of flavour!! A MUST IN EVERY KITCHEN!! THANK YOU!!
Organic Tahini by Soom
Wonderfully delicious, It is so smooth and easy to use. And the taste, was so much superior to anything I've purchased before. This is the best I've ever had.
Early Harvest - Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil
If you think you are using good olive oil, I would challenge you to compare your favorite with this product. I did and immediately threw my “favorite” away. Now, this is the only olive oil I will use. I have issued this challenge to both of my kids with the same result.
Harissa Paste by Villa Jerada
We absolutely love this paste! The flavors are amazing and we love using this with salmon. Highly recommend this paste. We will definitely be keeping this in stock in our pantry.
Aleppo Pepper
All these spices have been a joy for me to use in your recipes. I have never used them before. My family and friends have enjoyed your recipes and another way of cooking for me. Thank you for sharing your expertise in Mediterranean cooking! Love the change of my usual repertoire with your help.
Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bundle
I am fairly new to the Mediterranean way of cooking so I decided to try the oils recommended on this site (which I follow religiously). I was so pleased with the taste of these oils. It really does make a difference in your recipes when you use quality oils!


What Is Za'atar?

If there is one seasoning blend I absolutely cannot live without, it's za'atar! This aromatic Middle Eastern blend of herbs, sesame seeds, and sumac will transform your cooking. Not all za'atar is created equal, though. Today, let's dig into what is za'atar (spice or herb?). What does quality za'atar consist of? And the many delicious ways to use it!

What Is Sumac?

Tangy, smoky, earthy, and slightly sour, sumac is an essential spice in Middle Eastern cooking. With its deep red hue and fruity, citrusy flavor, sumac spice is the perfect way to add acidity and color to your meals! 

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